Hengshui Kang Runbao auto parts co., LTD is located in the south of pearl hengshui jizhou. Close to 106 national road, beijing-kowloon railway, shide railway, the transportation is convenient, is specialized in the production of various kinds of sliding bearing entity enterprise. Our factory producing all kinds of national standard grade bushing: connecting rod bushing, steering knuckle, bushing, motor bushings, valve rocker arm bushings, CAM shaft bushing, idler shaft bushing bushing, gear bushing, stents, brake shoe, bushing, injector liner, steel liner. And according to figure according to sample the production of various mechanical bushing. Products are mainly used for shearing machine, roll machine, bending machine, rolling mill, leveler, elevator, punching machine, printing machinery, medical machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, fitness equipment, hydraulic equipment, mold, oil machinery, plastic machinery, engineering machinery, forging machinery, chemical machinery, shock absorber, machine tools, metallurgical equipment, automobile, valves, textile machinery, rubber machinery need to drive to refuel or difficult to form the oil film of mechanical parts. Company existing staff 100 people, technical personnel nine people, 80 sets of equipment, factory building area of 5000 square meters. The company in line with the principle of people-oriented, advocates the talent strategy, strictly implement the ISO9002 quality system standards, set up market-oriented service system, make enterprise brand image.

  Our company continuously introducing advanced technology, adhere to quality first, to provide perfect service for related to manufacturing, to achieve excellence. We always adhere to the "quality reputation feedback efficiency" business philosophy, the pursuit of ideal, sustainable operation. In the process of continuous development and expansion in the company, always adhere to the "modern management, advanced technology as the root, keeping improving, zero defect products shall prevail. For any cooperation units to provide the best products and good service.



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