Hengshui Kang Runbao auto parts co., LTD is located in the south of pearl hengshui jizhou. Close to 106 national road, beijing-kowloon railway, shide railway, the transportation is convenient, is specialized in the production of various kinds of sliding bearing entity enterprise. Our factory producing all kinds of national standard grade bushing: connecting rod bushing, steering knuckle, bushing, motor bushings, valve rocker arm bushings, CAM shaft bushing, idler shaft bushing bushing, gear bushing, stents, brake shoe, bushing, injector liner, steel liner. And according to figure according to sample the production of various mechanical bushing.....


Hengshui Kang Runbao Auto Parts CO., LTD

ADD:No.95, Dongming, Weitun Town, Hengshui City, Hebei Province,P.R.China